Very compact refrigerated automatic vending machine for snacks and drinks, Raffaello is the most functional solution of Adimac range.

Technical Features

107 cm
70 cm
90 cm
160 kg
  1. Capacity

    Raffaello, appropriate automatic vending machine for small positions, in a few space can contain 4 trays and 24 different products.

    Possibility of slave connection with Adimac coffee machine Milano

  2. Refrigerated

    Despite the small size, Raffaello is equipped with and internal adjustable refrigeration that can arrive at +3°C on all trays, in order to sell from the classical snack, to the drink, up to products that need lower temperatures as yogurt and sandwiches.

  1. Strenght

    Manufactured in metal to guarantee a great resistance and duration.

  2. Simplicity and low cost

    Raffaello is equipped with a run-in technology, but to low cost, appropriate for positions without particular demands. The machine electronic allows to connect a limited number of payment system like changegiver, coin acceptor or cashless system.