AD3 is a slave vending machine that can be combined with any cigarettes or coffee machine you can find in the market, in order to increase the variety of sale.

Technical Features

185 cm
35 cm
60 cm
125 kg


  1. Capacity

    With 6 trays and 3 spirals per tray, it offers 18 different products like cold drinks and snacks. Besides, you can configure it as you want, allowing your customers to have up to 21 different products adding a 7th tray .

  2. Double-side opening

    AD3 trays can be extracted both from the front and from the rear side, for an easy extraction regardless the machine position.

  3. Refrigerated

    AD3 has an adjustable temperature up to +4°C, ideal to insert snacks and drinks.

  1. It extends your business

    AD3 is a slave vending machine that can be combined with any cigarettes or coffee machine not only of Adimac’s range.

  2. Refrigerator Group

    For an easy maintenance the refrigerator group can be extracted from both the anterior part and the back part.

  3. Solidity and Strenght

    The sensitive points of AD3 are stainless steel made, this makes the machine stronger, also for installations in dangerous places.