Custom Made Vending Machine:

Few Steps, an Exciting Solution


Customers, position, service and products that you want to market influence choices during the design phase. An analytical forecast allows you to achieve the best result!


After the functional analysis, we go to the design phase, to meet your needs. In this stage our technicians study the optimal solution to create a unique and functional vending machine, without forgetting the creative concept for a perfect mix between design, convenience and functionality.


At this point the project is submitted to the carpentry where the prototype will be realized for the customer’s final approval. After the eventual changes, the project will be concluded.


The production phase involves the custom made vending machine realization as set out in previous phases and it ends with the installation near to the customer on time and to plan.

Realize your idea with a customized solution


Internal carpentry

Internal production offers full customization on all levels.

From the project to the installation

We follow you step by step, thanks to our 30 years of experience, from the project to the installation.

Our designers and technicians can give you all the suggestions you need to create a unique and functional vending machine.

You’re not convinced yet? Here’s another reason!

After-sale service

You’ll never be alone, Adimac will always be here for you in case you need assistance or spare parts.


Do you want to use the opportunities offered by the vending, but you don’t find the proper solution for you?

Adimac can realize the perfect solution for your business.

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