ADIVINO is the vending machine that makes more convenient and accessible the purchase of bottled wines.
Practical and functional, can be installed in any place (wine bars, restaurants, companies, wineries, etc. ) for sale 24/24 and seven days a week of selected, fine and perfectly preserved wines.

Thanks to the internal elevator and convenient pick-up compartment in raised position, each bottle is gently slide to the withdrawal area without falls and risks of breakage.

Controlled temperature ensures optimal storage of wines and the ADIMAC cloud remote management system allows real-time monitoring and control of vending machine.
The interior spaces are fully modular and configurable according to the different dimensions of the products and customer needs.

Technical Features

197 cm
114.1 cm
104.1 cm
500 kg
Distributore automatico vino
  1. Temperature controlled and adjustable between 3°C and 18°C

    ADIVINO Vending Machine is designed for selling wine and bottled beers. The two zones of differentiated temperature can be set for the proper storage of white wines, reds, rosé wines, prosecco, sparkling wines and craft beers.


    Check remotely and in real time sales statistics, products stock, temperature and any alarm. With Adimac cloud it’s possible to set images, descriptions, prices and characteristics of the products from your devices

  1. Custom Configuration

    Spirals, conveyor belts, or both? You can choose the dispensing system according to your needs. ADIVINO can accommodate bottles of different dimensions and sizes, up to a maximum of 42 products, for a truly complete wine catalogue.

  2. Raised delivery door and innovative hi-tech lift

    Among the wine vending machines, ADIVINO allows the bottles to slide gently on the latest innovative lift in order to avoid any kind of impact or damage. The withdrawal area in a raised position allows the product to be easily removed without bending over.