Ulisse is a drink vending machine equipped with a patented elevator that accompany your product to the product collection area.
It respects the standard vending height (183 cm).

Technical Features

181 cm
94 cm
86 cm
320 kg
Ulisse distributore automatico con ascensore
  1. Capacity

    Ulisse respects the standard vending height of 183 cm and is equipped with 6 trays where you can position up to 48 different products. It’s possible to add a seventh tray to increase the products range.

  2. Elevator

    Ulisse is equipped with a patented elevator accompanying the product up to the product collection area, in order to avoid fall damages and allowing the sale of fragile products.

  3. Bi-zone Refrigerating System

    Ulisse is equipped with a bi-zone refrigerating system, that allows you to sell classic snacks and cold drinks, but also products that need to be preserved to +3°C as yogurt or sandwiches.


    Many accessories to make the machine stronger in dangerous areas:

    • anti-breakage protection for the glass
    • anti-vandalism coins insertion
    • anti-vandalism stainless steel side bars
  2. Strenght

    Manufactured in metal to guarantee a great resistance and duration.

  3. Compatibility

    It works with the standard protocols Executive and MDB, to have an absolute compatibility with any payment systems .