AD12 the maximum of the choice!

Extra-large capacity and double volumes. AD12 is the Adimac vending machine with two independent sections that offers a loading flexibility never seen before.

Let’s do a simple operation! Take an AD6 vending machine.
Imagine configuring it internally according to your needs and being able to adapt the trays’ height according to the type of the products offered.

Done? Well, now add to all of this a DOUBLE loading capacity and…the result is AD12!!
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AD12 innovative refrigeration divided in two independent sections, which allows to have four different temperatures thanks to the ventilation system. Extractable air filter for easier maintenance.Projected to resist to any form of anti-social behaviour, AD12 is ADIMAC anti-vandalism snack vending machine for public places. Thanks to the frontal doorway “flag” opening it’s possible to extract the fridge group. Thanks to a revolutionary refrigerator system the machine can be leaned to the back wall using our system of anterior additional ventilation.