From today, at the Bioparco Zoom in Turin, also the break will be WILD!πŸ˜πŸ†πŸ’

Proud of another success! Thanks to the precious partnership with TrysGroup, a leading player in the vending channel.

Zoom is the first immersive park in Italy, and it offers to its visitors a true adventure, with its 9 terrestrial and 2 aquatic habitats, more than 300 animals and 80 different species. A journey that deserves special break areas with themed vending machines, beautiful but also functional.

For this purpose, four Ulisse vending machines have been created and fully customized. In addition to the graphics, which have been studied to be adapted to the different park environments, these vending machines have been equipped with illuminated tops. Moreover, they have a special internal trays configuration, which is necessary to sell products with a special packaging.

Once again Ulisse vending machine, our refrigerated vending machine with elevator and fully customizable, has been chosen to offer a unique break experience.

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Ulisse Ulisse is a drink vending machine equipped with a patented elevator that accompany your product to the product collection area.

Bi-zone refrigerating system, that allows you to sell classic snacks and cold drinks, but also products that need to be preserved to +3Β°C as yogurt or sandwiches.


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