Delicate dispensing of fragile or bulky products (food or not food)
The conveyor belt configuration combined to our innovative lift with raised withdrawal door, allows to deliver in complete safety any type of products and packaging.

For the food sector, we are thinking for instance to fresh eggs fragility or a fruit box of the season.
In non-food industry, however, the vending machines are increasingly popular for 24H sale of cosmetic products, candles and fashion accessories.
The dimensions, the intrinsic characteristics of these products and the materials used for their packaging presuppose that the world of vending answers with increasingly advanced automatic dispensing methods.

In Adimac, we have developed new combinations of internal configuration of our vending machine precisely to meet different market needs. Specifically, the combination of conveyor belts and lift allows to gently deliver to the withdrawal area any fragile products or particularly voluminous packaging.

Have you an original idea or unusual products you would like to dispense in a vending machine?

Realize it with an Adimac vending machine