Courage, curiosity and a lot of adrenaline. Aero Gravity offers a unique flying experience in Italy. Its vertical wind gallery makes the incredible experience of defeating gravity accessible to all.

After all these emotions, or between the flight sessions, the visitors can recharge their batteries at the dedicated break area.

This is where our AD6 refrigerated vending machine, fully customized in the graphic and internal compartments, offers a wide choice of snacks and drinks.

Chosen by Aero Gravity for its excellent load capacity and many possibilities of configuration, AD6 is the most versatile vending machine of the Adimac range.

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AD6 AD6 adimac

Automatic refrigerated Food Vending Machine for snacks and soft drinks with excellent load capacity.
AD6 with its thousands of configuration possibilities is the most versatile solution in the Adimac range.
Available also in the armored version.


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