IGLOO, the new ADIMAC vending machine, can hold frozen products thanks to internal temperature of -18° degrees.
The combined distribution system with conveyor belt and spirals provides a flexibility of configuration unprecedented/never seen before, that is ideal to offer products and packaging in various shapes and sizes.

IGLOO is the ultimate vending machine for ice creams and frozen products.

Especificaciones Técnicas

2157 cm
1286 cm
1046 cm
500 kg
adimac frozen vending machine

    Check remotely and in real time sales statistics, products stock, temperature and any alarm. With Adimac cloud it’s possible to set images, descriptions, prices and characteristics of the products from your devices.

  2. Touchscreen display

    From the screen, the customer can browse the menu, see images and check the nutritional cards of product for a shopping/purchase experience even more interactive.

  1. Hybrid configuration

    Spirals, conveyor belts, or both? Different dispensing modes allow to configure Igloo by inserting a wide variety of frozen food formats: frozen pizza, ice creams, ready meals, etc., up to a maximum of 60 different products.

  2. Raised delivery door and innovative hi-tech elevator

    The products gently slide on the innovative elevator in order to avoid any type of impact and damage. The withdrawal area in a raised position allows to take the product without bending over.