Another challenge won! Offer a quality break to customers of a famous credit card brand. The temporary installation in Milan, in Piazza Gae Aulenti, saw our vending machine AD10 with touch screen 21.5 in. protagonist. Fully customized in graphics, our vending machine has dispensed meals and starred finger food to so many people.

But first things first. Given the particularity of products supplied and the kind of audience which the initiative was aimed, the organizers needed a maximum flexibility of vending machine internal configuration and a truly unique appeal.

The solution: AD10 Touch 21” with integrated Cloud service

  • Maximum flexibility: panels, trays, and internal volume has been settled by size, packaging and products characteristics. The hybrid solution has featured simultaneously two different dispensing modes within the same machine: spiral and with conveyor belt;
  • Stylish design: nice to see and fully customized in logo and brand colours, the vending machine has immediately caught the eye and the interest of present public;
  • Unique user experience with easy and intuitive navigation system. Thanks to wide touch screen 21” the path in the choice and selection of products has been enhanced with more information and detailed nutritional cards;
  • Full control with Adimac Cloud system: temperature, sales volume, warehouse stock and under supply, any alarms and various notification. All is available and monitored in real time from any devices connected to AD Cloud web platform.

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AD10 T21.5″

vending machine with touch screen

Spirals, conveyor belts, or both? Different dispensing modes allow to configure AD10 by inserting a wide variety of products packaging, up to a maximum of 60 different products. The versatility, the reliability and the comfort of AD10 with the addition of the high resolution 21,5” touch screen for an interactive and next-generation shopping experience.

Through the screen, the customer can browse the menu to see products images and nutritional facts, for an interactive shopping experience. The products gently slide on the innovative elevator in order to avoid any type of impact and damage. The withdrawal area in a raised position allows to take the product without bending over and its automatic opening avoids direct contact of the hands with the surface of the door area, for maximum hygiene.