Maximum customization and tailor-made vending machines. But also continuous innovation and research to offer better delivery comfort to the end customer. As reported by the Vending News magazine, these are the two distinctive souls of Adimac.
The orientation of “new generation vending” requires vending machines to combine technical features and design with a new, more experiential way of taking the coffee break.
More variety and quality of the offer but also greater convenience and ease of use.

Adimac has thought of this in designing and developing a new type of vending machine which, in some way, overcomes the limits of the runnability of the products, making it more convenient for the consumer to pick them up.

We talk about that with Fabio Russo, of the Vending News magazine, in an interview to Stefano Contin, Adimac sales manager.


The space and the comfort you wanted.
The product delivery door in a raised position and the innovative lift make AD10 a leading-edge vending machine.

+3°C refrigerated vending machine with delivery area in raised position. High capacity and big windows: the product withdrawal has never been more comfortable.
The trays configuration can be customized according to your products, with a maximum of 60 selections.



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